Logistics & Sustainability Planning

Shearer & Associates can help you plan for the life-cycle sustainment of your equipment and systems.  Our logistics planning and management staff are experts in assisting customers in establishing tailored programs to ensure the supply, maintenance, sustainment and upgrade of equipment and systems for the designed life-cycle and beyond.  We can assess a set of assets, define stock, maintenance and training requirements and establish processes to obtain each.  Additionally, we have the capability to manage those assets by monitoring stock levels, recurring certification, training, documentation, recurring/preventative maintenance visits and assisting with replacement and upgrades as needed.

Our Logistics and Sustainability Planning services offer:

  • Life-Cycle Sustainment Assessment and Planning
  • On-Site Supply Chain Management and/or Development
  • Warehouse and Supply Stock/Level Management
  • Application of Advanced Technology in Life-Cycle Management
  • Time-In-Motion Streamline in Supply, Transportation, Manufacturing, and Maintenance
  • Door-to-Door Transportation Coordination