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Energy Management & Control Systems Engineering

Energy Management & Control Systems Engineering

Shearer & Associates can help reduce your organization’s energy costs.  Our staff is experienced in preparing energy-use assessments which consider the ways energy is used (lighting, machinery, climate control, etc.) and where it comes from (electric, utility, gas, or alternative energy).  By looking at both the supply and demand, we can make recommendations that will result in immediate and substantial reductions in energy consumption and cost.  We can also provide lighting studies and safety analyses of your facilities’ electrical systems.

Our Energy Management and Control Systems Engineering services offer:

  • Energy audits evaluating the energy sources and use in place at your facility and recommendations to reduce consumption
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) modeling and analysis to identify potential savings that may be achieved through simple control system changes or the installation of high efficiency systems
  • Utility cost analysis and metering to ensure that energy charges are accurate and that the best rate is negotiated with the provider
  • Life-cycle cost analysis for energy savings projects considering the payback period and long term costs of the project
  • Safety:  Arc Flash Analysis, Short Circuit Analysis, and Breaker Coordination Studies