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Design & Construction Management

Design & Construction Management

Shearer & Associates can bring your project to fruition through design capability specializing in Facility Related Control Systems (FRCS) for security and energy systems, including Cybersecurity analysis of facilities and systems.  Our Design and Construction Management capabilities include pre-construction design reviews to ensure the biddability, constructability, and operability of a design, as well as value engineering assessments.  Once the design has been reviewed, we can assist in the selection of qualified contractors and the negotiation of the construction contract through design/bid/build and design/build methods.

During construction, we provide Quality Assurance through on-site supervision, facilitating continuous communication between the contractor(s) and client, and monitoring the project budget and schedule.  After construction is complete, we support the occupancy and start-up to make sure our client can accept delivery with confidence.

Our Design and Construction Management services offer the following advantages:

  • Design services for Cybersecurity of Facility Related Control Systems (FRCS); Biddability, Constructability, and Operability (BCO) reviews; and Value Engineering Assessments
  • Construction contract management; on-site quality assurance and oversight
  • Cash flow, cost, and schedule management
  • Occupancy and start-up support; operation and maintenance procedure coordination warranty management; and completed facility analysis