Cost Engineering & Scheduling

Shearer & Associates has substantial experience in preparing and maintaining cost engineering and scheduling documents using industry standard software.  We can prepare bottom-up cost estimates using the client-preferred software to delivery budgetary or parametric estimates.  If necessary, our staff can act as an owners’ representative during cost analysis and negotiations.  For schedules, we are well versed in determining critical tasks and establishing the critical path for project execution with appropriate milestones.  When asked to maintain schedules, we continually evaluate actual performance versus expected performance and advise our clients where corrective action may be necessary to maintain schedule.

Our Cost Engineering & Scheduling services offer the following:

  • Meticulous budgetary and parametric cost estimates using MCACES, RS Means, and other systems
  • Analysis of task dependencies to establish a technical, procedural and imposed precedence
  • Schedule tracking to ensure tasks are required to meet the critical path schedules are completed on-time
  • Preparation and maintenance of schedules and resource assignment, using MS Project, Primavera, Open Plan, and other systems